Core Program

Together we will make it all the way to your dream job. Our next intake will start in October 2018.

Our program

Our next intake will start in October 2018! Below, you will find all the information you need about our program.

Duration 9 months
Degree Certificate from University of Technology Vienna and Harvard University
  • Face-to-face lessons (70%)
  • Self study via E-Learning (30%)
Start September 2018
 Costs  free
  • being proficient in the English language
  • being motivated to learn how to code
  • having the time to attend
  • analytical thinking
  • proofen interest in IT (can be shown by professional experience as programmer or university degree in IT, mathematics, physics or equivalent)
 Location  Vienna, Austria

Target Group

The program is designed for refugees living in Vienna who are currently unemployed and want to work as software developers in the near future.

Job Opportunities

The ultimate goal of the program is job placements to integrate refugees into the Austrian job market.
Part of the program is a three months internship after six months training.

  • High Quality Online Course (Harvard CS50x, click here for opinions). Optional specialisation through further courses, e.g. Design, App Development.
  • 2 x 3 hours with TU students as Tutors. And a weekly individual coaching.
  • Team-based approach. You work in a small team and an intercultural environment.
  • A TU Certificate and a Harvard CS50x Certificate.
  • Workshops from professionals in the industry.
  • 24 hour Hackathon where we code together and work on projects/challenges.
  • Build a portfolio of cool projects and get support with finding a job/internship.
  • And of course, community events for our community of learners.
We offer motivated and talented persons an intensive program to prepare them for the many interesting job openings in software development. Our program consists of three parts:

  • Programming
  • Workshops and Specializations
  • Projects and Job Preparation

The core base of our programming course is the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) CS50x from Harvard University. The course helps to learn the fundamentals and get practical experience in C, Python and JavaScript. Additionally the program includes soft skills workshops in Leadership and Intercultural Competence and the opportunity to specialize in front or backend web development. The soft skills workshops are designed to strengthen self confidence and understand cultural differences. Furthermore we offer workshops with professional programmers who share their experience and introduce programming practices. These workshops and a final project will prepare the participants for their first job as software developer.

All lessons are held in English and take place in Vienna.

The application process consists of two online questionnaires and a practical part. If you make it to the second round you can take part in our open coding sessions where you do the first two weeks of the online course to test your motivation, analytical thinking and team spirit as well as your English skills.

After admission you are eligible to take part in the unique refugees{code} program. It starts with an internal kick off to get to know the refugees{code} team and the other participants. Then the main course starts. It will take place for one semester (according to one semester at the Technical University Vienna) and is divided in 12 weeks. Every week has an online lecture and will have to solve a problem set. At the end you build your own project with the new skills learned. This project will also serve as a reference project for job applications.

Besides this there will be also soft skills workshops and workshops with professional programmers to prepare you for a job. With a specialisation and extra projects, participants will start with their obligatory three months internship which should lead then to a long-term contract.

As an alumni of refugees{code} you are an ambassador for integration and a role model for following participants. We expect our alumni to promote integration as well as refugees{code} in all its diverse aspects.


The refugees{code} program is nine months long and worth more than € 6.000. The program includes facilities, trainers and tutors as well as learning materials and support for finding a job. However, we are currently working on scholarships, which will be offered to people who cannot afford this price.

The final price will be discussed in detail with successful participants individually. We aim to provide this education regardless of your income. Start of the program is autumn 2017.

Please also note that we cannot provide any financial support with costs for travelling to and from Vienna.


The program is rewarding but very also challenging. To participate in the program you have to:

  • live in Vienna
  • be currently unemployed (no part time work allowed)
  • be registered with the AMS Wien

Furthermore we require you to:

  • be fluent in English
  • have analytical thinking
  • be highly motivated to learn programming
  • be willing to work also from home (approx. 6h per week)
  • be able to attend all classes (18h per week)*

Preferable you

  • have already worked as a programmer before or
  • have studied IT / Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry … or something similar

*Please note that attendance is very strict. If you cannot participate in a session we expect you to inform us. Also we will require a formal document from a doctor in case you got sick or a confirmation from governmental institutions in case of any very important obligations. This is necessary in order to get you ready for a job as a software developer in such a short time.
We reserve the right do exclude participants in case of repeated absence.


Here you can pre-register for our Intake #04 – planned for October 2018!

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