Learn the digital skills you need to be self-employed in just 12 weeks.

The job market is moving faster than ever before, permanent employment is increasingly declining. More and more companies are passing the risk on to Freelancers. In the Middle East this concept needs to be established. To prepare refugees for the freelancing of today and tomorrow, refugees{code} and the Vienna Business Agency have developed a free program for refugees who want to work independently and self-employed.

The program gives newcomers with entrepreneurial mindset access to technical skills they need as freelancer for today and in the future.

Typical Participant profile

  • Is proficient in the English language.
  • Has time to attend (see Learner Journey).
  • Intents to work as freelancer or has a background as freelancer.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, with a strong desire to learn.

Five core technical skills to built up the own business

Web Development

Focuse on creating your own website with quality results. Using common, affordable tools like WordPress, PowerPoint and image processing software, you will deal with the basic skills of web development to make your corporate identity clear and successful!

  • Should I build a website from scratch myself or should I use specialized services?
  • How does WordPress work and how can I built a website using it?
  • Which guidelines should I adhere to when designing my own website?
  • How does online data analysis work and how can it be integrated in my website?

Media Making

Learn to use tools to promote your business and turn your ideas into info graphics and videos with professional results. Using common tools, it teaches the “six skills of video production” like script writing, storyboard development, the use of visuals, recording and editing videos.

  • Which elements should a good video contain?
  • How do I design a video?
  • How can I make a video and which tools can I use?
  • What do I need for live streaming video and what makes it special?

Digital Communication, Collaboration and Cooperation

Learn and practice digital communication, collaboration & cooperation skills with a variety of tools. You’ll also learn how to increase your value with webinars to promote your services and win customers online.

  • Which role do emails play in the online communication mix?
  • What are practical tips for designing emails?
  • Which online communication, collaboration and cooperation tools are available and how can I apply them?
  • How can the work (as a team) be improved by using online tools?
  • What constitutes good moderation in webinars?

LinkedIn & personal branding

Learn how to use the right social media marketing channels for your business, how to promote your services on LinkedIn, Xing, and Co. and how to built up your successful position as a freelancer in the market.

  • How can a social media strategy be developed?
  • What needs to be considered when introducing and using social media marketing channels?
  • Which social media networks are relevant for freelancers and how do they work?


Learn about online security, risks, data protectionism and policy.

  • What risks arise from using online tools?
  • Which rules apply to data protection incl. newsletters?
  • What are the stumbling blocks when it comes to image copyrights?
  • How must an imprint be designed?

You have the flexibility of going deeper in one of the two core technical skills Web Development and Media Making or you can take basics of both.
The three core technical skills Digital CCC, Security, LinkedIn & personal branding are compulsory for every participant of the program.

The DevelopMe_ program


November 30, 2017


12 weeks, 25 hours peer week



The program is taught in English.


Free of charge

The program is free of charge.

Learner Journey

Reasons to join the DevelopMe_ program

Grow your entrepreneurial mindset

Get a better understanding of the Austrian market and the bureaucratic process of how to get self-employed.

Aquire digital skills for your own business

Improve your skills in the six core technical skills for Freelancers (see above) and work in a team on real-life tasks and challenges.


Grow your business by using technical tools

Build your company by using digital tools like creating your own website, imploying social media marketing, etc. and built a portfolio with your skills and successful projects.

Get Connected with like-minded people

Join a community of motivated people with entrepreneurial spirit and create a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Application period starts soon. Stay tuned!

Partners of the DevelopMe_ program

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

About refugees{code}

refugees{code} offers refugees a program to develop coding and software development skills, free of charge. The program’s goal is to lead to job placements, create a perspective of self-determination, and lead to sustainable long-term integration through work and skills.

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