Our program

our program


  • Freelearner
  • Internship
  • Job (Interview)
  • Networking skills
  • Income
  • Certification

Terms & Conditions

  • Min. 20h / week
  • Self-study through online courses and regular classes
  • Support events
  • Q&A sessions
  • Contract
  • Portfolio
3 steps to best reach this goals: 

1. Basic


2. Specialise


3. Project & Portfolio

Are you interested in becoming a software developer?

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The program in detail:

Our main goal is to support you learning programming. We have a group for beginners without any pre-knowledge in programming and an advanced group for people who already gained some experience in C or Java.
In the end our goal is to get you a job.

The current program runs from February to June 2017. 5 months is a short period of time – so in order to reach this goal we need full commitment.

This commitment includes:
• You will come to our courses at the Technical University in Vienna two times a week for 3 hours (5-8pm)
• You are willing to come to our community events to also get to know the other participants as a person to exchange experiences and learnings
• You are eager to learn coding and willing to study also at home (homework will be an important part of the course and must be made for the group to progress)
• You are planning to spend at least 20 hours per week on learning coding

The program is right for you if:
• You are interested in learning programming (we will give you a solid foundation that will allow you to understand how computer programs work)
• You want to work as a software developer in the future
• You are willing to fully commit to this course and spend at least 20 hours per week (incl. courses at TU)

The program is NOT right for you if:
• You are just looking for a certificate
• You are looking mostly for networking and new contacts
• You are more interested in designing Websites (e.g. WordPress) than in writing programs and apps
• You are more interested in networks (routers, printers, ….) than in writing programs and apps
• You have a German course at the same time the lectures take place
• You are also participating in other programs taking place in the evening
• You need to work in the evenings