(Imad Khchifati) Doing an internship at the IFT was one of the most important milestones of my professional life. It was very interesting to work on real-life projects and try to solve the problems which were faced.

Implementing my mechanical engineering knowledge that I’ve learned throughout my studies together with the IT and programing skills which I’ve gained after I joined a Java programing course at Refugees{Code} has helped me in improving and optimizing the solutions for the given problems.

Although the programing language which I’ve learned at refugees{code} was Java, using the analytical thinking that I’ve gained during the course, I could develop an approach to teach myself Python programing language.

I want also to emphasize that I owe a lot to my colleagues at the IFT, especially Benjamin Mörzinger. They were and still are very nice and helpful. They’ve provided me with the learning material, technical support and infrastructures I need.

refugees{code}’s important role is also ought to be mentioned. The role has extended beyond the classroom to provide the student with up-to-date and important information about the job market, coaching, information about important platforms (technical support and version-control), community events and helping the students in either contacting potential employers or even finding an internship which is my case.

In the past I had thought that programing is really difficult and not for me but thanks to refugees{code}, I have discovered that I’m passionate about implementing the IT solutions into mechanical engineering and I’m making a tremendous step towards my career future.