We are happy to announce that refugees{code} is one of the semi-finalists of this year’s Ideas from Europe competition. We have been chosen to represent Austria’s innovative power and will give our best pitching our project to a selected jury and the public.

“Ideas from Europe”, what?

Ideas from Europa is an independent foundation that facilitates the joint development of solutions to global changes. Instead of looking only at the financial well-being of the supported projects, Ideas from Europe is looking for projects that focus on working together towards a shared purpose. It’s all about new market design: purpose driven innovation.

Making solutions visible!

Most solutions to global changes are already out there – that’s what Ideas from Europe claims. But they know too that the impact of the solutions depends on the context in which they need to be scaled. In the case of social changes the context is complex and often not transparent. That’s why they are looking for the engagement of certain stakeholders (citizens, start-ups, scientists etc.) that are able to reduce the complexity. And we are happy refugees{code} is considered as such a stakeholder.

What is our solution?

refugees{code} is a non-profit association and offers refugees a program to develop coding and software development skills. We support refugees in getting qualified jobs, as well as enabling persons entitled to asylum status to lead a self-determined life. The social problem we are addressing is the integration of refugees in the national business world – a world that is more and more relying in coders to solve everyday challenges.

On Wednesday, November 22nd, Stefan Steinberger from refugees{code} will be pitching at Ideas from Europe.

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