(Benjamin Mörzinger) Imad joined our team in August. Our research group is part of the institute for production engineering and laser technology. We work in the field of digital production, where we try to solve problems in the field of mechanical engineering using tools from the IT domain.

Even before that time, his motivation and ability to organize himself became clear. Internships of this kind where new to us, so we could not really help him with the necessary paperwork for AMS. He managed it all by himself.

Our main goal for the two-month internship was to evaluate the fields in which Imad could work in and help him improve his skills especially in the field of industrial communication and data analysis.

After teaching himself Python (which is the preferred programming language at our institute), Imad had the task to learn about OPC UA. OPC UA is widely accepted to be the communications standard best fitted for “Industry 4.0” and therefore very important for us. After only a few weeks, Imad was done learning about the theory of this rather exhaustive topic and had his first prototype running.

The next task was to analyse data from production machines. In one of our research projects, we generated electrical and thermal power data, which was later used to build simulation models representing the underlying machines. After receiving the data, Imad wrote a program, which automatically read the data from different sources, applied a clustering algorithms to find common power levels in the data and plotted the result (see figure 1).

Figure 1 Result of the data analysis task
Figure 1: Result of the data analysis task

Imads last task was to build a database for the monitoring data he already analysed. Even though SQL was new to him, he had his first prototype running. The next iteration of his database was used to build a prototype for a robot, able to visualize data based on spoken commands from humans.

We are very happy that Imad decided to stay with us even after his internship will end in October. In the next months, he will help us to develop a mobile app for a sensory tool holder. The past two months have been great and inspiring and I would like to personally thank Imad and refugees{code} for this experience.